Working for a better future

A short dive into our owners and the Upstate Hemp vision

They Are Working for .


Brent was captured at the aggressive effects CBD had on him during a Motorcycle accident which nearly lead to a leg amputation where CBD oil was taken to aid with the inflammation and pain. A few years later, an invasive shoulder surgery would involve Brent with CBD Flower. He saw the dramatic effects first hand, realizing the power the hemp plant can harness – he had to get involved.

His lifelong experience with sales, cannabis culture and his rooted connections with local growers are what make this possible. His need to help farmers is surpassed only by the desire to help his customers, passion is what drives every project and interaction. Design, concepts, new products, and operation management all flow through Brent, he’s the multi-tool of the operation.


Gena, being the driving force behind the formation of Upstate Hemp Co, has been integral piece of the puzzle. Being a lifelong Migraine patient she immediately noticed a reduction in severity as well as frequency once a CBD regiment was introduced, this is why Gena quit her job and joined the Upstate team. A realization came that this could be the future of symptom mitigation for many.

Gena spent her adult life working within the pharmaceutical industry. This provided a strong understanding of how things react with the body, and which substances can/will provide aid. She works with Brent on this venture for good reason, it’s because she understands CBD and it’s strong effects. Gena enjoys working behind the scenes, order fulfillment, trimming, quality control and SOP aren’t where her duties end, she is the backbone of the operation.

Our Project

The founders of Upstate Hemp Company are working on a Patent-Pending product which will revolutionize how the industry cures cannabis. This will disrupt the cannabis space in a highly positive way, we are eager to leak the details but we still have finishing touches to make! More on this soon!

Supporting Local

We support local farmers. Big, small and everything in between. We visited over 40 NY farms in 2019 and hoping to double this number in 2020! 

Supporting local vs Mail-Away is the ONLY way Upstate Hemp will cater to you. We believe in supporting the dream, support local!

Are you a NY farm and want to have us drop in? Please send us an email: [email protected]