This is our first run of High Alpine Genetics in over two years, we couldn’t resist another run of these flavor-rich CBD genetics. These buds have a nice green with a hint of purple complexion with a slightly sour fruity aroma. We would best describe the effects as blissful and calm, a wonderful any-time strain!

These buds might not be as dense or as powerful as our previous CBD harvests were, as this is a first run of these High Alpline genetics in a few years. This is a very enjoyable strain with excellent effects, though!


Total cannabinoids: 16.5%





This specimen of hemp flower shows a delta-9 THC level under 0.3%. Upstate Hemp Company LLC does not and has not ever sold Marijuana, CBD products are distinctly different from Marijuana as they do not produce a “high”. CBD lower is defined as Hemp Flower as per Federal Guidelines as so long that Delta-9 THC falls under 0.3%.

Please note, moving forward ALL “drops” will include a separate CBG COA in the shipping box. COA’s will be available on this listing (while in-stock)  as well as by request via email.

Please check your SPAM folders for order confirmations if they are not delivered into your standard inbox



14g, 14g (10g+ top bud), 14g SMALLS, 1g, 1g (Add desired quantity), 28g, 3.5g, 5g, 7g

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