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Garlic Breath, a true top-shelf offering by Upstate Hemp Co. This cultivar is very unique, it’s subtle upon bag open but you’ll quickly pickup the savory and garlic aroma. The buds are quite firm, loaded with trichomes and exhibiting crowning/stacked buds. This flower is beautiful, it is very photogenic and provides wonderful indica-leaning hybrid effects. The physically relaxing effects can soon turn into sedating if the conditions are just right. We love this one for nighttime and general relaxation.

New category! Smalls+ and Micro. Small+ would be very close to the standard smalls category, with a few standard or near-standard sizes mixed in with smalls and looser buds accompanying as well. Micros are generally pea to dime-sized. This cultivar produced an incredible amount of smalls so we felt we should separate the two!


This specimen shows a delta-9 THC level under 0.3% 

Please note, moving forward ALL “drops” will include a separate “compliant” COA in the shipping box. COA’s will be available on this listing (while in-stock)  as well as by request via email. We also strongly suggest Priority Shipping during the hot summer months as heat exposure can damage terpenes!


ONCE IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE! We sell entire batches at one go, no matter the available quantity. 

Please check your SPAM folders for order confirmations if they are not delivered into your standard inbox





Each order will come with a hard copy of the lab report. Each product label will have a scannable QR code with a link to the laboratory results.

Please note: This does contain legal traces of THC, YOU MAY FAIL A DRUG TEST!

This is industrial hemp flower, after all, not every bud will be perfectly manicured nor will all of them be beautiful top nuggets. We are very fair about what we ship out as we re-purpose very rough buds and shake.



1.25g, 14g, 14g (10g+ top bud), 14g MICRO, 14g SMALLS, 14g SMALLS+, 1g, 1g (Add desired quantity), 28g, 28g MICRO, 28g SMALLS+, 3.5g, 3.5g SMALLS, 5g, 7g

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