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School is now in session! This cakey variety of Professor Chaos is funky and will be sure to tickle the senses with its sweet and sour aroma. There is a noticible sour citrus undertone once you wade through the sugary sweetness! Professor Chaos is uplifting and provides a clear sense of creativity, weather it’s on canvas, paper or just simply having a creative/far-out conversation with friends. It’s clear that this variety is a sativa-leaning hybrid as this one exudes an upbeat rhythm. This second drop of Professor was machine trimmed and noticeably firmer than the previous.


Total cannabinoids: 20%




This specimen of hemp flower shows a delta-9 THC level under 0.3%. Upstate Hemp Company LLC does not and has not ever sold Marijuana, THCa products are distinctly different from Marijuana. THCa flower is defined as Hemp Flower as per Federal Guidelines as so long that Delta-9 THC falls under 0.3%.

Please note, moving forward ALL “drops” will include a separate CBG COA in the shipping box. COA’s will be available on this listing (while in-stock)  as well as by request via email.

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