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A true “Grab Bag” style listing for Trim, Shake or “C” grade flower all for the same price! Included will be either sugar leaf trim (no fan leaf trim), Bottom of the barrel shake, or Grade “C” flower!
We will not be separating by strain or by the “style” and we will be providing these offerings at random as they are mostly mixed together. Note in the comments section if you have special requests for either trim, shake or “C” buds. We cannot guarantee we will ship your request, but we will do our very best!

We have a mixture of trim, shake and misc “C grade (micros, dry, low potency) from the following:


Hydroponic Pilot

Special Sauce





Sour Tsunami






This is industrial hemp, containing no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC


28g, Quarter Pound

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