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Berry Blossom has been a long-standing staple here at Upstate Hemp Co. It really shows what can be done in the light-dep rooms and how a strong cure can absolutely transform CBD Hemp Flower.

The quality and overall appearance of Blossom is a 10/10, perfect score! The aroma and terpene profile match and can overwhelm the senses with a fruity musk, which hangs after opening the bag for just a moment.

The overall effects of Blossom are rather relaxing with a slight clear-headed feeling, a feeling which we look for in hemp! This isn’t exactly sedating, nor is it energizing. It can be used daytime or night, offering a very nice feeling of wellbeing!


Remaining Berry Blossom are Medium-sized quarter-sized buds. Smalls will be released separately very soon!



Cannabinoid Content

CBD + CBDa Total: 17.2%

Delta-9 THC Total: .15%

Total Cannabinoids: 19.9%



Each order will come with a hard copy of the lab report. Each product label will have a scannable QR code with a link to the laboratory results.

Lab results can be found in the “Labs” tab.

Please note: This does contain legal traces of THC, YOU MAY FAIL A DRUG TEST!

This is industrial hemp flower, after all, not every bud will be perfectly manicured nor will all of them be beautiful top nuggets. We are very fair about what we ship out as we re-purpose very rough buds and shake.



14g, 1g, 28g, 3.5g, 5g

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