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Deschutes has finally made it! Deschutes is the second half of the incredible LED dark-room harvest from late 2019. This cultivar was grown right next to our ever-popular Umpqua and exhibits a few similar qualities as they share F1 genetics. The floral and fruity scent upon opening is an excellent indicator of what Deschutes has to offer!

Trichome coverage is next-level! We opted for a “lighter” trim as the quantity of trichomes and resin oozing from the small sugar leaves. Generally, we do a tight and close trim to our flower but this cultivar simply does not need it. Pictured is how you’ll receive it, it’s simply divine in its current form. The relaxing but clear-minded sensation really helps the crew get things done around here! Don’t let 16.5% make you feel it’s missing something in comparison to the 20%+ which we will be featuring very soon, terpene profile and overall cannabinoid profile is what makes this beauty shine (the trichomes help too!)

This Deschutes is true, next-level Industrial Hemp Flower. We are honored to bring this spectacular flower to market and stand by our statement that this is arguably the best indoor flower on the market.

Since this was a dark room/led grow, the plants were a bit on the smaller side. Expect most nuggets to be a bit smaller than what we offer on our Greenhouse or Outdoor varieties. Many would consider the size as Popcorn or Smalls. Remember, we opted to only lightly trim the Deschutes, due to the bud size being rather small and the incredible trichome coverage.

Cannabinoid Content *Updated 10/23/19*

CBD + CBDa Total: 19.54%

Delta-9 THC Total: .22%

Total Cannabinoids: 22.34%



Each order will come with a hard copy of the lab report. Each product label will have a scannable QR code with a link to the laboratory results.

Lab results can be found in the “Labs” tab.

Please note: This does contain legal traces of THC, YOU MAY FAIL A DRUG TEST!

This is industrial hemp flower, after all, not every bud will be perfectly manicured nor will all of them be beautiful top nuggets. We are very fair about what we ship out as we re-purpose very rough buds and shake.



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