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Superboof has returned! Upstate Hemp is very proud of this latest release as this has been yet another highly requested strain that laid dormant for months longer than we anticipated! With the very dense tops weighing in at up to 6g, the strong fruity and tropical aromas to the perma-grin effects, this well-balanced offering is ready to please! With a higher potency than before, this run of Superboof is a bit more punchy than before. We have opted to go all-out with this latest harvest and perform our cold-curing method to this particular release. Flavors range from sour apples, to grape to tropical fruits with an herbal kick. This one is packed with terps and flavor!

Please note, cold curing is NOT cryo-curing! Throughout the lengthy curing process, we simply drop the temperatures and follow the same curing protocol we’ve been implementing since 2018. When cold-curing we much prefer to drop the internal stem moisture down 1-2% lower than the average, for quality sake. We find the overall flavor and experience is elevated when we do as such. It can provide a smoother and more elevated experience.


Total cannabinoids: 28%





This specimen of hemp flower shows a delta-9 THC level under 0.3%. Upstate Hemp Company LLC does not and has not ever sold Marijuana, THCa products are distinctly different from Marijuana. THCa flower is defined as Hemp Flower as per Federal Guidelines as so long that Delta-9 THC falls under 0.3%.

Please note, moving forward ALL “drops” will include a separate CBG COA in the shipping box. COA’s will be available on this listing (while in-stock)  as well as by request via email.

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14g, 14g (10g+ top bud), 14g SMALLS, 1g, 1g (Add desired quantity), 28g, 3.5g, 5g, 7g, 7g Smalls

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